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Arts & Activities

The Arts

Friendship Academy students have daily art experiences. FAA provides an environment permeated with the arts by which children learn about:

  • Their arts heritage.
  • The importance of the arts in the structure of all cultures.
  • The skills and attitudes to build lifelong meaning through music, dance, theater and visual art.

Teachers and arts specialists plan ways to employ the arts in core subjects: reading, math, science, social studies, physical education and health.


The following list of activities is a sample of the enrichment opportunities our students experience throughout the year.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross comes to educate FAA students on various safety topics such as fire, water, emergency 911, tornado and other kinds of safety topics.

Annual Wax Museum
An exciting interactive way to meet those who have shaped our past and those currently shaping our future are present at FAA’s Annual Wax Museum. This event that has been reported in Insight Newspaper is a wonderful way to experience history coming to life and an excellent way for the school and community to come together.  Every student and family of FAA is involved in this fun educational experience. This event is free and open to the public.

Awards Day
This is a day that the students look forward to because they will receive awards for their many different achievements earned throughout the school year and all parents and families are encouraged to attend.

You have not experienced a carnival until you have attended and become a part of FAA’s annual carnival.  The school decides on a theme and the school is magically transformed into an exciting carnival festival.

Field Day
Field Day becomes a very welcomed family fun day after a school year of hard work. Students and their families visit a neighborhood park and enjoy food and games.

Flowers for Kids
This is where Science becomes a beautiful educational experience and an artistic expression. Flowers for Kids is a program design for kids to learn about the parts of a flower, what a flower needs to grow, the kinds of flowers make an arrangement and the art of creating a floral arrangement.

The World’s Finest Chocolate Bars fundraiser has become FAA’s main fundraiser and it is used to offset the cost of field trips. Students sell a variety of chocolate bars. Other fundraisers may occur during the year but the main fundraiser is the World’s Finest Chocolate Bars.

Graduation Ceremony
FAA holds a beautiful graduation ceremony for the kindergarten and sixth grade students on the last school day of the year.

FAA takes pride in the schools’ read-a-thon. This event becomes a reading competition between classes and it is also a time when parents, family, friends and community partners come together and read to the classes.  This is a time to share the love of reading.

Sock Hops
The FAA student’s love the sock hops dances where they experience the thrill of dancing in colorful fun socks.  Sock Hops happens throughout the year and all of the students look forward to them.

Spring Play Production
Don’t miss this event whether you are helping or simply observing. This production is always fantastic and is open to the public. FAA has many plays in their repertoire and they are always finding new ways to create and wow the audience.