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Curriculum Excerpts

Friendship Academy uses the Houghton Mifflin Curriculum for Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies. Below is a sampling of the curriculum we use.

Information is also available on Friendship Academy’s Literacy Plan (PDF).


Advantages of Houghton Mifflin READING Curriculum

Based on the latest research, and developed in collaboration with leading specialists in reading and the language arts, Houghton Mifflin Reading: A Legacy of Literacy delivers a sound instructional framework for teaching and learning that ensures success for all students.

A Focus on Achievement:

  • High standards of proficiency for All students.
  • Instruction and assessment resources are aligned with state/national accountability standards.
  • All tools required to build proficient readers and writers are included.

A Variety of Reading Options:

  • Authentic literature to develop comprehension and create motivation.
  • Decodable text to practice and apply phonics skills and high-frequency words.
  • Leveled reading to help teachers meet the range of diverse reading abilities and monitor student progress.

A Clear Instructional Pathway:

  • Instruction based on the most current research and best teaching practices
  • Lesson resources to provide challenge, extra support and English language development

Language Arts

Advantages of Houghton Mifflin LANGUAGE ARTS Curriculum

The Houghton Mifflin Language Arts curriculum allows teachers to build students’ English, Spelling and Vocabulary skills with effective Language Arts programs.

Students become powerful, motivated writers by building strong grammar, usage, and mechanics skills; immersing students in the writing process; and integrating skills and knowledge in real-world writing applications. It’s a refreshing new approach to writing!

The Houghton Mifflin programs help students become effective communicators.

Comprehensive Content, Integrated Connections:

  • Build facility with grammar, usage,and mechanics.
  • Links skills to writing process and authentic applications.
  • Supports independent writing with a Tools and Tips Handbook.

 Meets Needs for All Students:

  • Includes options for students at all learning levels.
  • Delivers support for students acquiring English.

A Variety of Assessment Options:

  • Meets local, state and national evaluative standards.
  • Measures individual progress for all types of writing.


Advantages of Houghton Mifflin MATHEMATICS Curriculum:

Houghton Mifflin research-based Mathematic program improve students math skills and build their confidence. Promoting the systematic development of concepts and skills, our programs help students achieve grade-level proficiency and succeed on standardized tests.

Designed to be accessible to all learners, Houghton Mifflin Mathematics uses a powerful instructional approach focus on problem solving and reasoning helps students build their understanding and succeed on high -stakes achievement tests.

Based on Research, Built to Standards:

  • Draws upon current knowledge about how students learn.
  • Promote effective, research-based teaching practices.
  • Meets stringent state and district standards.

Supports All students:

  • Employs a highly systematic, step by step approach.
  • Delivers built-in intervention and extension.

Builds Success on Achievement Tests:

  • Links Assessment an instruction.
  • Emphasizes problem solving and reasoning.
  • Offers fully integrated test preparation.


Advantages of Houghton Mifflin SCIENCE Curriculum

Houghton Mifflin Science curriculum encourages students to think like scientists with Science DiscoveryWorks program.

Students learn to investigate different scientific principles by making observations, asking questions, posing hypotheses, and sharing information- while at the same time having fun discovering the wonders of science.

Carefully organized lessons deliver the right combination of content and meaningful activities to help all students think like scientists.

Time to Learn:

  • Comprehensive investigations are linked together in a logical sequence to build depth of understanding.
  • Careful pacing of activities and reading gives students the time they need to master each concept.

Discovery Supported by Reading:

  • Activities come first to build conceptual understanding and give students a reason to read.
  • Reading resources connect with each activity to reinforce content and science vocabulary.

Opportunities for All students to Succeed:

  • Intriguing technology components supplement lessons and offer students interactive exploration of concepts.

Social Studies

Advantages of Houghton Mifflin SOCIAL STUDIES Curriculum

Students are prepared for the civic challenges of the future with Houghton Mifflin’s We The People comprehensive Social Studies programs.

As students actively participate in their social studies learning, they develop the skills to become involved, informed, and responsible citizens.

A Variety of Relevant, Engaging Content:

  • Motivates students to learn an do to achieve success.
  • Teaches solid social studies and builds informed citizens.

Reading Support for All Students:

  • Guides students to become strong, confident readers.
  • Helps children understand and apply social studies concepts and skills.

Solid Assessment and Test Prep:

  • Allows teachers to monitor student progress.
  • Prepares students to meet the challenges of standardized tests.

Classroom Management information: see the Responsive Classroom Discipline Model.